• - Brand Identity refinement
  • - Strategy
  • - Copywriting
  • - Collateral
  • - Video
  • - Photography
  • - Website
  • - Social media
  • - Advertising
  • - Tradeshow booth
  • - Subbrand design
  • - Private Labeling


Alec Bradley is a boutique cigar company based out of Florida. Though we mention they are boutique, their public image couldn't be more contrary. This was one of the first things we tackled in refining and defining the Alec Bradley brand. The company actually didn't approach us, but after blowing them away with a video we made for them (in which we captured the brand essence in a large one-shot production) as a gift, we found many ways to help position them in the proper light.

Though many companies would strive to appear larger than life, Alec Bradley believe in the power of truthfulness and humility, and we wanted to position the brand as a boutique, premium cigar manufacturer. We decided that the best strategy would be to focus more on the people who make up the company. Not just head office or the sales team; every single person.


Watch The Video That
Won Their Trust

To capture this authentically, we headed to a few spots in Central America to visit the people who physically create every single cigar, from the seed, to the roller, to the box, and to the smoker. This trip afforded us a great collection of photographic assets and beautiful footage to develop what has been referred to as the Essential Campaign. Pictured above are only a handful of the people involved in the process. Our photo and video team truly did a tremendous job capturing the essence of these people.


Recreating The Online Experience

The company had quite a robust website but it was obvious that there was a lack of planning behind the user experience, broken links, navigational options that were not available on every page, way too many social media icons, and the list went on. What we do with all our clients is being by auditing their existing website to discover how we can make it better. Through the process of discovery, planning, and wireframing, we were able to refine the process to create an optimal user experience, even for those who aren't so "tech-savvy" (namely, their general demographic).

We carried through the concept of the Essential Campaign throughout the website and social media (even creating an Essential photo booth for tradeshow events with a dedicated instagram channel for participants). This helped build the campaign into an experience people could interact with both physically and digitally.

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We had many opportunities to build several sub-brands and private labels for Alec Bradley, building upon their revenue model and value-add, as well as developing their overall brand recognition and equity.