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Understanding a Need
and Solving a Problem

DavidsTea is a specialty loose leaf tea and accessory retailer based out of Montreal, Que. The company has expanded to more than 75 stores across Canada and the U.S. and is the largest Canadian company of its kind. It continues to gain popularity among avid tea drinkers and each location is stocked with various teas and necessary tea accessories.

In October 2015, DavidsTea had an issue with a tea infusing product of theirs — the Perfect Mesh Ball — and invited us at Valiant Creative Agency to work closely with them to solve that problem. It was the perfect opportunity for our team to get involved in the tea accessory and core product area.

Before we came on board, customers said the Perfect Mesh Ball was too small and that it did not fit the correct amount of loose tea leaves, or allow the leaves to expand when wet. Additionally, there were issues with the seal; tea leaves were escaping through the holes, leaving behind floating particles on the surface of the water.

Hearing and understanding the customers’ feedback, we set out to create the “perfect tea cup steeping experience”. One of the issues we picked up on was the size of the ball, so we made it bigger, giving the leaves more room to expand. Another issue was the size of the holes in the mesh, so we made the mesh finer, keeping the leaves from escaping. DavidsTea also said that their original ball was lacking an ideal seal, so we added silicone accents, allowing the infuser to close with a nice, snug seal.

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The perfect tea ball

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Our team alongside DavidsTea spent months developing a successful design for the tea infuser, including a lot of correspondence with suppliers out of our office based in China. The time spent designing and meeting with our suppliers was a vital step in creating the perfect steeping experience we were seeking for DavidsTea’s customers.

Our team tested and sampled countless prototypes before choosing the perfect sized infuser, as well as the proper hole size that would keep the loose leaves from escaping. Additional testing took place to ensure that the silicone band around the infuser retained an adequate seal.

We provided the best possible solution to create the perfect tea cup steeping experience that would reflect the DavidsTea brand, which has resulted in 179,000 units sold to date. The Perfect Mesh Ball remains a core essential for every DavidsTea consumer and retailer.

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Essential Core

This product remains an essential core product available in store and online.

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