Judging a book by its cover is just the beginning. While it’s true that you need that initial wow factor to cause a commotion, the story inside is what’s going to seal the deal. That’s how we run our agency.

We know we have to look incredible – why else would you be here – but looks will only get you so far. In Valiant’s ‘book,’ our work is the cover, and our staff is the story. They’re the ones behind the scenes forming relationships and creating standout content.

Each member of our team is unique (trust us on that), and it’s these eccentricities and differences that we celebrate most. Yeah, we all may specialize in different aspects of the industry, but our diversity goes deeper than that. We all have different passions, desires, ideologies, even upbringings that shape how we perceive, well, life.

So judge a book by its cover, but then see what’s inside.


Not ourselves.

Not ourselves.

what we do

At heart, we’re all creatives, strategists, and innovative thinkers. We make the ‘new’ and conceive the ‘never-been-done’ in ways that grow our client’s businesses, portfolios, and bank accounts. With 15 years of experience as designers, marketers, content creators, photographers, operations specialists, print & product manufacturers, videographers, UX/UI developers, brand-builders, and everything in-between, we understand what companies need to appeal to their audiences.

Who We Like
Working With

We’re not industry-specific, and we like it that way. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and whatever sector you work in isn’t going to hold us back from knowing what to do. What’s important to us is getting to know you so we can better understand and immerse ourselves in your specific business. We work with brands we believe in because when you succeed, so do we. We’re continually looking for clients willing to grow and that work as hard as we do to achieve their goals.

Here, no mind is alike. Creativity suffocates when everyone thinks the same way.

We’re Going To Do Some Big Things,
You & I.