Here at Valiant, we’re big fans of cinema, so when we heard about the very first Movie Expo coming to Toronto we were quick to get involved. (We’re so into film production that we recently relocated to a space that has a 6000 ft production studio where we produce content for ourselves and our clients. We also rent the space out to others. Check out some of our productions here.)
The Movie Expo is a massive 3-day event being held at the Enercare Centre on CNE grounds in Toronto featuring directors, producers, stuntmen, Academy Award winners and so much more.

250+ booths.
35+ keynote speakers.
125,000 sq ft

Before a movie becomes a movie, it begins with an idea, then has to be pitched. A highlight of the Movie Expo is the opportunity to learn how to pitch ideas to industry producers. It’s an opportunity to take the idea or vision inside your mind and put it in front of people who can help you bring it to life. At Valiant, we consider ourselves experts in bringing ideas to life, making them as big and bold as you imagine them. As we say, sell your mind, not your soul.

A list of pitch requirements for the Movie Expo event can be found on their pitch page, but our requirements are simple: Film is a collaborative medium and we are in the business of creative collaboration. There are many moving parts in any production. There’s equipment, lighting, and set up to be considered. A lot of know-how. If you have an idea or even a vision for something you want to create, then we have space, and we can supply the know-how. We’ll help you figure it out.
If you need funding, there are many resources out there for Canadian filmmakers. We think that indiefilmTO has a pretty comprehensive list over on their blog.

Interested in attending? Get your tickets today! We’ll be at booth 911 for the entire event, Sept 20 to Sept 22. We hope to see you there!
Our Instagram feed @valiantmade often features the favorite film picks of our staff and crew. We know what our favorite film is. Do you know yours? Get in touch if you or somebody you know is interested in making movie magic together!